At Van Dijck Groenteproducties our production methods respect people and our planet. We strive to create healthy relationships with customers and our staff, we operate with a heart for our surroundings and grow healthy produce. We demonstrate our responsibility in various ways:

  • We only use crop protection products if absolutely necessary. Our crop supervisors continually monitor the growing crops so they can identify and signal any potential problems at an early stage;
  • The water used to rinse produce during processing, and rainwater, is collected and buffered in a large water reservoir next to our production facility. This water is reused after it has been purified.
  • All the green waste from our processing plant is collected and recycled;
  • We work with modern, energy efficient and virtually silent equipment;
  • Our business premises and our fields are always tidy and carefully tended. We also steward and maintain 70,000 m2 of woodland, earth banks and natural landscapes;
  • Our modern premises were built in 2013 using durable and sustainable materials, and with efficient logistics in mind, are located conveniently close to the major road links.

Maatschappelijk Verantwoord

Working for Van Dijck

Are you passionate about vegetables and are you a hard-worker with a flexible attitude? Then working at Van Dijck Groenteproducties is ideal for you. We control the entire process from growing to distribution, and leave nothing to chance. All our employees are committed to producing crops of superior quality, and, more importantly, satisfying our customers.

Does this challenge and culture match your ambitions? View the current vacancies here or send us a letter of interest.

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