Last-minute order? New addition to our range of produce? Changes to the packaging? 

These are all challenges that Van Dijck Groenteproducties is happy to accept. Motivated by our drive for continual growth and our vision that only the best is good enough, we have evolved into a company that controls every link in the supply chain - from cultivation to packing and distribution. Each component of this process is performed by our own team with our own equipment. 

It's what we call 100% Van Dijck. A guarantee that equates to premium quality and a flexible and rapid response to your demands. And we all benefit from that commitment!

100p VanDijck

Working for Van Dijck

Are you passionate about vegetables and are you a hard-worker with a flexible attitude? Then working at Van Dijck Groenteproducties is ideal for you. We control the entire process from growing to distribution, and leave nothing to chance. All our employees are committed to producing crops of superior quality, and, more importantly, satisfying our customers.

Does this challenge and culture match your ambitions? View the current vacancies here or send us a letter of interest.

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