The roots of Van Dijck Groenteproducties can be traced to a traditional, mixed farm in the province of Limburg. Founder Jan van Dijck started a dairy farm in Venray. The farm was later forced to relocate to Horst-Meterik due to planned residential building at the site in Venray. In Horst the farm quickly expanded: in addition to dairy and beef cattle, arable farming was also started and asparagus growing.

In 1980, the current owner Peter van Dijck joined his father's company. The volume of vegetables being grown rapidly increased and leafy vegetables, leeks, broccoli and arable farming became the main produce grown on the farm. At the end of the 1980s the company decided to call a halt to its livestock activities. The barns left empty were converted into halls suitable for storing, cooling and handling vegetables. The focus then was on growing iceberg lettuce and arable farming. The growing area set aside for iceberg lettuce increased each year by 50 hectares. The technology used was also adapted to suit the particular methods and specific requirements.

At the end of the 1990s, Luc Willemssen, a large-scale grower of lettuce and iceberg lettuce, joined van Peter van Dijck's company. This signalled the foundation of Van Dijck Groenteproducties BV. In the subsequent years, market demands prompted an expansion of the range of vegetables on offer. Today, Van Dijck Groenteproducties BV grows and packs a wide range of vegetables, tailored to suit the current market demands.

In 2013 the company made huge advances in efficiency by merging the - by that time - three sites to create a single, extensive, modern facility in America, Limburg. The new location also offered considerable logistic advantages; the tractors and trailers no longer have to drive through the small villages, but have direct access to major roads. Thanks to the new and sustainable business premises, Van Dijck Groenteproducties is future proof.

Working for Van Dijck

Are you passionate about vegetables and are you a hard-worker with a flexible attitude? Then working at Van Dijck Groenteproducties is ideal for you. We control the entire process from growing to distribution, and leave nothing to chance. All our employees are committed to producing crops of superior quality, and, more importantly, satisfying our customers.

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